Accompanying women as they work with their bodies to meet baby for the first time.

Fort Wayne Birth

My Birth Philosophy

I believe birth is one of the most intimate and empowering experiences a woman has in her life. Women’s bodies were created to give birth. When a woman is supported, educated and feels safe, it is amazing what she is mentally and physically capable of. I believe in supporting moms as they make the best choices for themselves and their baby. A doula’s role is that of unwavering support. Every woman deserves an amazing birth and that it is possible no matter how birth unfolds.

Partners are an integral part of the birth process and I believe it is important to create meaningful and intimate moments between partner and mom as they prepare to meet their little one together for the first time. My desire is never to stand in a partners place, but rather to show them where to stand so they can be the best support the woman they love. Together, let’s make this your best birth story.